4th Grade Unit Study: Natural Disasters

In our 4th Grade classes, students we immersed in content area subject matter. Students were taught how to research topics using web based and text based resources. Students turned their learning into poster board and report presentations.     

3rd Grade: Writing Genres

In 3rd Grade, students were introduced and studied the characteristics and traits of different genres of writing. Some classes chose to write literary essays. While some chose Informational Text.    

2nd Grade: Book of the Month Activities

In 2nd Grade, students used the information they obtained from January and February's Book of The Month and created writing pieces based on that information. They came up with their own ideas for park designs.  

1st Grade: Mathematics

In 1st Grade, students are using various mathematical concepts. They are using addition and subtraction concepts while at the same time learning about using and counting money.   

Celebrating Black History

Many of our classes took the time in February to expose students to informational text about important black historical figures. Some had celebrations and invited parents to participate in the sharing of their hard work.    

5th Grade: Importance of Community and Essay Writing

In 5th Grade, students are learning the importance of recycling in their communities. They are also learning how to write a literary essay.